It begins with grass...

We are proud to partner with Berks County's Spring Creek Farm and Lancaster County's Dutch Meadows Dairy for the highest quality milk in the region.  These folks are true grass farmers, producing 100% grass-fed milk from organic pastures. 

Spring Creek Farm is a fifth generation dairy farm that is USDA certified organic, and has been since 1999. Their mixed herd of Jersey, Ayrshire and Holstein cows graze on new pasture every 12 hours to optimize feed quality. Their winter diet consists of dry hay and sprouts - never grain.  The result is healthy milk that is rich in protein and butterfat. Simply perfect for cheesemaking!

Dutch Meadows Dairy is home of the dutch belted bred of dairy cow, a heritage breed originating in Switzerland and Austria. The dutch belted cow is known for its small fat globules, which are more easily digestible to humans than those of other breeds.


Our day begins at the dairy's cooling tank, where we pour fresh raw milk into stainless transport cans and bring them back to the creamery to begin our cheesemaking process. At this point, we either pasteurize the milk for making fresh cheese, or simply warm it gently and inoculate it with bacterial cultures to begin the fermentation.


To learn more about Spring Creek Farm or to visit the dairy, click here. To learn more about Dutch Meadows Dairy, click here