Seasonal Cheeses





Our fresh fromage blanc is the versatile table cheese you won’t be able to live without. Clover’s delicate, silky texture and tart flavor is reminiscent of greek yogurt that is perfectly spreadable at room temperature. Pull it right from the fridge for a more crumbly texture and a lovely adornment atop your next leafy salad. Clover loves herbed crackers, breakfast breads and slices of succulent summer vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes. Melt it into sauces, egg dishes and pastas for that special touch of je ne sais quoi.                 



This delicate and creamy pyramid of love is modeled after the french Valencay. Our version is made with fresh grass-fed cow’s milk and dusted with charcoal ash before ripening, lending it a smoky, earthy flavor note and an unctuous cream line beneath its blue-gray rind. Serve Witchgrass alongside fresh fruit, breakfast radishes, or light honey. Add a few triangular slices to your composed salad or layer them on toast points and broil them for the most delectable delicacy.



A luscious, creamy texture and buttery, mushroom aromas make Thistle your cheese board's perfect centerpiece. This golden yellow soft-ripened cheese is inspired by camembert and truly changes with the seasons thanks to the grass-fed milk that makes it. Serve it with roasted vegetables, a crusty baguette, dried fruits or honey, and a bottle of bubbly.




A rustic, savory, raw milk blue cheese, Blue Bell’s sharp and complex flavors make it so much more than your average blue. Roasty, toasty baked cracker notes and a fudgy, creamy texture are the signature characteristics of our take on a stilton style. Pair it with spiced jams, dried fruits and sweet wines, or crumble it over a pear salad with pecans.





This funky tomme has nutty, yeasty and brothy flavors all bundled into one luscious wedge of cheese. Its rind is bathed in hard cider from our neighborhood apple orchard, Frecon Farm, nurturing a complex flavor profile from the outside-in. A beautiful peachy golden rind and an aromatic hint of barnyard are the prized traits of this delightfully creamy fromage. Lady’s Slipper melts beautifully in a grilled cheese with peach slices or tomato jam, or over roasted fingerling potatoes.



Made with grass-fed cream, ripened and churned